Our Services at Hackberry House

As we pass through the different phases of life, our level of care and support changes. It is often difficult when our medical or psychiatric condition changes and our need for assistance becomes greater. Often we experience illness and/or life style changes that leave us with few quality alternatives. But due to unfortunate circumstances, many are placed in settings that are not beneficial to their physical or mental well-being.


Family members have good intentions, but over time their patience grows thin and frustrations are ever present. With the demanding and hectic lifestyles of today, many are unable to provide lifetime care to their loved one, and those that do often experience burnout. We serve adult males with chronic mental illness (housing) and the general public. 


Hackberry House provides services that enhance daily living in a warm environment much like a personal home. We provide:

Meal Preparation 

  • Three Home-Cooked Meals & Snacks
  • Monitoring of diet (If prescribed- i.e. low sugar, salt, etc.)
  • Assistance with meals as needed

Housekeeping and Laundry Service

  • Basic housekeeping
  • Regular laundry service
  • Linens, sheets, pillows, and blankets included

Furniture And Basic Supplies Included

  • Bedroom furniture (bed, side table, chair, and dresser or closet)
  • Private and Semi-Private Rooms
  • Toiletries and hygiene supplies

Medication Management 

  • Dispensing of medicines as per doctor's orders
  • Medication inventories stored and locked
  • Ordering prescriptions and refills 

Personal Care

  • Social & Recreational Activities
  • Assistance with grooming, bathing and dressing as needed
  • Oversight & Supervision
  • 24-Hour Supportive Care
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